Healing Moments

One of the most gratifying things as a medium is when I can facilitate a healing conversation between someone on this plane, and someone they’ve loved, but who passed while tensions and misunderstandings still existed between them.

As long as my gifts have been apparent, I’ve had opportunities to help people experience this kind of healing.  The details of each relationship and experience are different, but they all seem to follow a similar arc: the person shares his/her experiences and feelings about the relationship, and how things seem unresolved.  The spirit, now with an awareness and wisdom we cannot access while on the earthly plane, explains the intent behind his/her earthly behavior, and what they now understand to be true, both in a universal sense, and about the relationship.

While I always wish this understanding could have been achieved with both people on this plane, the amount of healing that occurs on both ends as a result of these facilitated conversations can be incredible.  Truly hurtful behavior can be understood in the context of its often loving intent.  When the intent has not been so loving, it’s amazing how the new wisdom of a spirit can help him/her own the mistakes s/he made in life, and help loved ones feel resolution and peace regarding their relationship.



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