Halloween Connections

With Halloween approaching, I’ve been thinking that I should be writing.

I love Halloween.  It’s always been my favorite holiday.  For a while, that definitely had to do with candy; I’m not really sure when that changed.  I do know that it was before I was aware of my abilities and gifts.

Now, I love the whole time of year. I love how easily I can concentrate, how easily I can read and communicate with spirits, as the veil between our world and the next is at its thinnest.  I love how creative I feel; the mood is right, and whatever the endeavor, ideas flow easily.

I love how I feel in the fall, especially in the weeks leading up to Halloween.  Something about the ways the earth prepares for snow and cold winter, the way the natural world around me either dies or goes into hibernation, reminds me of something I can’t ever seem to quite articulate.

I’m not going to go into that cliché metaphor about death and rebirth; I’m not going to compare the leaves and dying plants to people, and how we die and come back through life cycles here on this plane.  That’s been said. It’s not my point.

My point is there is something about all of this change, this letting go, this dying natural world that makes me feel connected, like the cords reaching out from my heart chakra are spitting fiery sparks, sputtering to bright life.

This is when I feel most connected to the spirit world, not only because our worlds are closest, but also because something about dark green leaves and lush grass and velvet flower petals seem to cloud that connection, dressing it up in gaudy extra layers.  They obscure the view from one end of the bridge to the other.  I feel most aware of people now that busy, rushed adventures of summer are falling away.  Close connections strengthen as we prepare to hibernate together through the dark and cold.

So for me, this time, this leaf-dropping, cooling, blustering, trick-or-treating, sleeting, spooking time, is all about connection, enjoying the bridges I’ve built.  And I love it.

And hey, it’s the most socially acceptable time of the year to be psychic.



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